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K. Knadle

Evolving Ink Artist

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Resilience & Artistry: K Knadle's Tattoo Odyssey

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Hi, I’m K! I’m an artist, a mother, and proudly unique. Born and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada, my artistic journey led me to the Columbus College of Art and Design, where I specialized in oil painting and earned my Bachelor’s of Fine Arts in 2013.

In 2021, I embarked on a new path in tattooing, starting an apprenticeship at Battleship Tattoo in Sierra Vista, AZ, under the guidance of my mentor, Matt Bushart. This period was challenging but transformative, marked by personal trials that only strengthened my commitment to my craft.

July 2022 marked the completion of my apprenticeship, and I’m thrilled to now be part of Evolving Ink in Tucson, AZ. My artistic exploration has been vast, from 3D sculpting for Sideshow Collectibles to graphic design for Bed Bath and Beyond, creating comics, album art, art exhibitions, and even collectible art dolls. But it was in tattooing that I found my true passion.

To me, tattooing is more than art—it’s a healing journey. It’s a unique language of expression, created on the living canvas of human beings. As your tattoo artist, I deeply respect your choices, comfort, and safety. I’m committed to growing in this challenging but rewarding craft.

Every day, I’m grateful for the opportunity to combine my creativity, resilience, and dedication in creating art that resonates with people.

To my future clients, I look forward to crafting a custom piece of art that’s uniquely yours. And to my current clients, your trust and support mean the world to me.

Thank you for being part of my artistic journey.

K Knadle

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