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Nicholas DEVO1 Rogalski

Evolving Ink Owner & Artist

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Nicholas DEVO1 Rogalski at Evolving Ink: A fusion of art and tattooing

Experience the artistic journey of Nicholas in tattoos and art

Nicholas Rogalski, known as DEVO1, is an artist from Tucson, Arizona, whose creative spirit knows no bounds. His journey in art began in childhood, marking his parents’ hallway with a mural at just three years old, and painting a full-spectrum mural in his bedroom by age 3. These early experiences paved the way for a life immersed in artistic exploration.

Art is more than a career for DEVO1; it’s a sanctuary and a profound form of expression. With a rich background in design and experiences in diverse mediums, including graffiti and cartoon art, DEVO1 embodies the belief that there is no ultimate mastery in art, only continuous learning and evolution.

The Creation of Evolving Ink

Facing and overcoming the challenges of being born deaf, DEVO1’s journey led him through various artistic realms before finding his true calling in tattoo art. This path culminated in the creation of his own tattoo shop, “Evolving Ink,” a name that reflects his philosophy of perpetual growth and transformation in art.

At “Evolving Ink,” DEVO1 not only practices his craft but also shares his passion through teaching. He recently discovered a love for teaching, which has added a new dimension to his artistic life. Guiding others in their artistic journeys brings him immense satisfaction and reinforces his belief in the ever-evolving nature of art.

DEVO1’s Diverse Artistic Range

DEVO1’s artistry spans from realism to cartoons, black and grey to custom designs, each tattoo a unique narrative. His diverse artistic background enriches his tattoo work, making each piece a testament to his journey and his clients’ stories.

Teaching: A New Avenue of Expression

The recent shift towards teaching has opened a new chapter for DEVO1. He finds joy in imparting his knowledge and skills, seeing it as an extension of his creative expression. Teaching at “Evolving Ink” has not only allowed him to share his passion but also to learn from his students, further embodying his mantra of continuous growth in art.

Expressing Gratitude

DEVO1 is deeply grateful for the support of his family, friends, fellow artists, and clients. Their unwavering encouragement has been instrumental in his growth as an artist and educator. The success of “Evolving Ink” and his fulfillment in teaching are testaments to the strength of this support.

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