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Jonathan Black

Evolving Ink Artist

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Jonathan Black at Evolving Ink: Exploring creativity in art and tattooing

Delve into Jonathan's creative journey in art and tattooing

I am Jonathan Black, and I am an artist. I’ve been Tattooing for 15 years and drawing my whole life. I enjoy creating in general, and I’m always pushing myself to become a more well-rounded artist and person. I draw, Tattoo, train dogs, and Jiu-jitsu. As it pertains to Tattoo styles, there’s not much I can’t do and nothing I can’t learn. I put a lot of time and effort into each piece I create and make each one custom and unique.

More about Jonathan

I learned how to hold a pencil and draw before I learned how to hold silverware, and since then, I’ve been collecting artistic knowledge. I’ve always been good at speaking but for the times words don’t cut it, I’ve drawn. Later in my adolescence and teenage years, I wandered a bit, as most do, but by luck, chance, or fate, I managed to learn other mediums and that kept my interest alive. Charcoal was a door opener for me and taught me about light, value, contrast, and impermanence. It taught me not to get so attached to the way things are going because it could change at any moment for the better.

Also not judge yourself harshly for the so-called “ugly phase” of a drawing. Everything I had learned from graphite, charcoal, colored pencils, etc. translated directly to oil painting when my good friend and mentor gave me my first set of oils. Going from black and grey value studies to color portrait studies was a whirlwind. I started to realize you could communicate almost universally with art.

I bring all my artistic background, knowledge, and passion to every tattoo I do. Each piece I do excites me, but nothing makes me happier than the look on my client’s faces when they see it in the mirror. Bring me your ideas and thoughts on where to place it and we will meet in the middle someplace beyond your expectations. I look forward to working for you on your body art aspirations.Portfolio, Appointment, Refund And Returns Policy, Privacy Policy, Tattoo Artist, Tattoo Tips, Sleep With Fresh Ink, Tattoo Preparation, Tattoo Ideas, photo of left arm with tattoo

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